Everest Avalanche Ski Club

The Everest Avalanche Ski Club is not for the faint-hearted, instead it's for those looking to raise the stakes and revolutionise on their next ski trip! With even a few Guiness World Records broken by some of our very own, it's an opportunity not just to see peak nature (no pun intended there of course!) but to truly challenge yourself!

What Avalanche Skiing does for you!

After surveying all our past participants, team memnbers and coaches we found that everyone established thorougly enjoyed their experience. We even hired psychiatrists to study and psychologically to evaluate those who had partaken in Avalanche Skiing activies and they found that each partipant generally had a:

  • Boost in Confidence

  • Increase in overall Happiness

  • new-found appreciation for life

  • had a FUN time!

Upcoming Events and Activities

In the next few months we'll be running different skiing events at different mountains around the world! Feel free to check out our next events where there'll be both a mixture of individual and team acitivies! Also, our team will be competing at this year's Avalanche Skiing Championship so keep a watchful eye out for try-out dates! Here is a list of where and when our activites will begin running:

21 Jun

Mt. Cook

Located in New Zealand, this avalanche ski trip is recommended for those just starting out their starting their ski-ing career or looking for an introductory experience into the world of Avalanche-skiing! …

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29 Jun

Mt. Sunnega

Located in Switzerland, this avalanche ski trip is recommended for those with a medium level of avalanche skiing experience but are looking for a slightly more challenging experience! …

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03 Aug

Mt. Fuji

Currently a dormant volcano, this avalanche ski trip will truly heat up your skiing experience. However, it's recommended for those with a medium-level experience in avalanche skiing. …

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20 Oct

Mt. Everest

Currently holding the record for the world's tallest mountain, this avalanche ski trip is recommended for those very well-experienced in skiing and only for members in our Advanced team. …

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